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A New Chapter Begins

We are delighted to announce that coming soon is The Little Beginnings Learning Centre! Right now, we are in the process of transforming a cozy and welcoming home, ideally situated just a short stroll from our Daycare, into a nurturing and inspiring space. This new Learning Centre is being designed with every child in mind, providing a place where they can be their true selves, both before and after school.

Space for Growth and Exploration

Our upcoming Learning Centre will have the capacity to welcome up to 30 children, each finding their own unique place in our caring and supportive environment. Here, every child will have the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in a setting that feels like a home away from home.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Keep an eye out for more updates as we progress in creating this exciting new space. We can’t wait to open the doors of The Little Beginnings Learning Centre to our extended family!

The Little Beginnings Before and After School Learning Centre

At Little Beginnings Learning Centre, our Before and After School Program is a seamless extension of our Daycare’s ethos, blending individual growth with a strong sense of community spirit. We are dedicated to nurturing each child’s unique abilities and interests while fostering a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. Our program is rooted in an emergent curriculum that dynamically evolves with the children’s interests, fueling engagement and excitement in learning.

Four Foundations for Holistic Development

Our Learning Centre is built upon the Four Foundations for Holistic Development. We have transformed a cozy home, conveniently located just steps away from our Daycare, into a nurturing space where every child can truly be themselves before and after school.

Skill Development Rooms Aligned with Learning Frames

In alignment with our commitment to holistic development, we have meticulously crafted distinct spaces in our Learning Centre, each dedicated to enriching specific skills and exploring personal interests:

STEM Exploration, Problem-Solving and Innovation Room – Here, we ignite curiosity and foster innovation. Children delve into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through hands-on activities and experiments. This space is a hub of discovery, where little minds are encouraged to question, explore, and invent.

Creative Expression Room – Music, movement, dance, and drama find a home here. This room is a canvas for creativity, where children express themselves freely and explore various art forms. It’s a place where rhythm, harmony, and imagination flourish.

Self-regulation & Well-being Room – Focused on self-regulation and overall wellness, this space is dedicated to teaching children about mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and physical health. Activities are designed to help children understand and take care of their bodies and minds, building a foundation for lifelong well-being.

Community Engagement Room – This space celebrates the power of community. Here, children learn the value of teamwork and collaboration. We encourage them to bring their unique perspectives and ideas, contributing to projects that have real significance in their community. This fosters a sense of responsibility and a deep connection with their surroundings.

Emergent and Responsive Learning Approach

Our program is emergent, thoughtfully developed around the learning interests of each child. We provide a variety of activities and experiences that cater to the diverse needs and passions of our students, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.

A Place to Belong and Grow

Our Before and After School Program at Little Beginnings Learning Centre is more than just a transitional space; it’s a place where children grow, connect, and develop in a caring environment. It’s here that they receive the support and encouragement needed to flourish both academically and personally.

Join Us at Little Beginnings

We invite you to explore the unique offerings of our Before and After School Program. At Little Beginnings, we are committed to providing a supportive, stimulating, and inclusive environment that caters to the holistic development of every child. Let’s give your child the best start and end to their school day, laying the foundation for a successful and fulfilling future!